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    FAQ – How do I register on the site?

    Nick name = Represents your name (nickname) with which you are registering, later used to log in to the site. It must not contain data (name, surname) that can personally identify you.
    1. E-mail = Represents the e-mail address with which you register, later used for logging on to the site. It must also not contain data (name, surname) that can personally identify you. 2. E-mail confirmation = You will once again fill in the e-mail address you want to use for confirmation.
    1. Password = Represents your password with which you will later log in to the site. It must contain at least 8 characters in which you will use letters (of which at least one capital letter), numbers, signs. 2. Complexity indicator = Password complexity indicator used. It is recommended to reach the indication "Strong". 3. Repeat password = Retype the password chosen for verification.
    It represents your role with which you will navigate inside the site. For the English language section of the site you can choose the role of deck department user or engine department user. Choosing a role will give you access to all the sections related to the respective department, as well as to the sections common to the two departments. Crewing companies will choose the role of "Employer" upon registration.
    1. I allow the website to collect and store the data I submit through this form = You agree that the website will collect and store the data you submit through this form. 2. GDPR Communication Preferences = You want all your data protection communications to be done via email. 3. Terms and conditions = Represents that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the site. 4. reCAPTCHA = Represents a bot protection measure.
    After registration you will have to wait for the confirmation e-mail from the site administrator and only then log in to the site. If you log in before receiving the email, the site's security module will block your access for 24 hours. After this period and if you have received the confirmation e-mail in the meantime, you can log on to the site.
    In this case, it means that you did not respect the site policy, respectively you used personal data for registration. The administrator will delete your unapproved account, and you will have to re-register with other data that complies with the site's policy (without using personal data either for your nickname or in the e-mail address you wish to register with). .