In this section users can insert videos related to your activity on board ships (presentations of installations, various procedures, aggregate dismantling-repair activities, operating techniques, as well as other topics that you consider useful to be presented here).

Insert procedure is as follows:

1. Users will send the videos to the email address , or through the application We Transfer, or via Google Drive, to the same email address.

2. For each video submitted, the user will have to prove that he owns the copyright on it.

This proof that will be materialized by filling in a form that you can find here, as well as by adding other documents that confirms this right.

3. All videos submitted for inclusion in this section will be pre-verified by the ESH team on the usefulness of the content.

4. Users whose videos have been approved by the ESH team will first sign a contract with S.C. Phoenix Martech Assistance S.R.L.

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