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• do not respect the Terms and Conditions of use,

• are out of the posted topic

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We recommend that when you create your user ID you should use an email address that you regularly check. You could be contacted by our team.

A free space is a safe space. Hate speech and incitement to violence will not be accepted.

We discourage the spread of intolerance. We will not allow victimization or denigration of individuals or groups based on criteria that include, but are not limited to: race or ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, country or region of origin, religion, disease or disability, socio-economic status. This chapter may include, among other things: derogatory epithets, dehumanizing statements that incite discrimination or proclaim the inferiority of a group or a person, by virtue of belonging to groups that are defined by the above-mentioned criteria or by other criteria.

Usernames that are vulgar or offensive may result in temporary or permanent banning of the user or deletion of comments.

* Use a civilized language. The licentious words and expressions can be moderate, regardless of whether you enter figures, symbols, punctuation marks and so on.

What you do not like, another does not. If a message contains things you wouldn’t say to someone in front of you or you wouldn’t want to hear from someone else, it’s a sign that you probably shouldn’t post it.

We debate and fight, we do not attack for free. We like debates and we don’t mind critical or ironic comments. However, harsh attacks on the person, attempts at intimidation, threats or harassment of users or other persons (such as article authors, etc.) create a toxic environment. Comments like this expose you to the risk of moderation, deletion or ban.

In order to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves and prevent the discussion from being diverted by one or several people, we promote the principle of “one person, one voice”. We recommend posting through a single user ID. If you post comments on multiple profiles, you may be banned temporarily or permanently or your comments may be deleted.

If you troll you can be banned. Users who repeatedly post abusive content, using vulgar and / or aggressive language, which seems destined to ignite, assume that their messages can be moderated or deleted and that the ID can be temporarily or permanently banned.

Express yourself, but leave room for others. Please do not post the same comment several times. Even if the message does not violate the rules, its repeated publication can lead to its deletion and even temporary or permanent ban of the user. Changing a word or words without significantly changing the content of the message does not guarantee that it will be published more than once or twice.

It is important for us to be able to express your opinions and transmit information. However, we encourage you to comment discerningly and not to make accusations that you cannot prove. Comments containing serious allegations that are not proven to be true and for which there are no reasonable indications that they may be true may be moderated.

Please do not use the names of other persons (eg sportsmen, public figures, etc.) in your username. Failure to follow this rule may result in banning or deleting comments.

Comments must comply with the law, including intellectual property law. Nor is incitement to illegal activities allowed.

Please do not post personal information about other people (users and not only) and do not collect or save information about other users. In order to protect the right to a private life, we can apply measures such as moderation and banning. We also recommend that you do not post personal information about yourself.

We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban a user who seriously and / or repeatedly violates community rules.

By posting a comment, you are committed to following the rules we have set out on this page. Otherwise, comments can be moderated (by removing inappropriate words / phrases, by *** or by other methods) or deleted. Please keep in mind that these rules can be updated and consult regularly.

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The user must also understand that he can not publish, transmit or refer to users or members of seamanshelp.com any of the following:

• unsolicited commercial message,

• messages with confidential information,

• messages containing viruses or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or that may interrupt, remove, or limit the functionality seamanshelp.com,

• “pyramidal game” type messages or any other activity intended to mislead other people’s trust,

• any messages containing illegal, immoral, injurious, threatening, abusive, indecent texts that violate in any way the intellectual property rights or other rights that a third party may have.