In this section we try to help those who face an IT problem for which the information requested in the previous section requires from the IT Specialist a more in-depth study of the situation.

Those for whom the guidelines from the previous Assistance section are not sufficient, can benefit within this section, upon request, from online consultations provided by the IT specialists within the ESH team.

Specific to this section is the fact that the discussions will be conducted (and viewed) strictly only by an IT specialist of ESH team and the user who requested the advice.

How to use this section is as follows:

1. Ask for IT advice by accessing the button below that allows you to send a direct email to your service IT specialist. The email should contain as detailed information as possible about the problem you are facing so that the IT specialist can already form an opinion on it. Also in the content of the email you must enter the approximate period in which you are available for the virtual meeting with the IT specialist (date, time).

2. Accessing the button above will open a page that will allow you to choose the email account you want to use.

3. It is preferable to use the email account used to register on the site.

4. Once you have chosen your email account, you can send your request directly to the IT moderator.

5. After receiving the confirmation from the IT specialist, pay the counseling fee of 100 Ron / 30 min or 200 Ron / 60 min, accessing one of the buttons below:

6. Shortly after confirming the payment of the fee, you will receive by email, from the IT specialist, the confirmation of the date and time for counseling.

7. On the date and time agreed with the IT specialist, you will receive by email a link and a password that will allow you to connect audio and video directly with him.