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The first platform

For on line support

Of seafarers from everywhere

Donate here is the first platform of its kind, which wants  to aid effectively the seafarers and not only them, regardless of the specificity of the activity (maritime, riverine, off-shore, and others) who are on board ships by solving certain inherent technical problems (or otherwise) that can occur during voyages.

It is well known that trying to solve problems alone (technical or not) occurring on board ship does not always lead to finding and especially implementing the best solution to solve them and above anything else it jeopardizes the safety of ship and navigation.  Effective solving of any problem can be possible only after seeking the opinion of specialists in the any given field.  Specialists who can be your colleagues on board, colleagues on board other ships, deck, engineering and electro-technical officers, teachers or engineers specialized in certain domains, or other categories of experienced personnel.   

We triy to make a site available for seafarers which is easy to be followed and used, but first of all useful.

So we want to develop a relationship between us and users based on trust, mutual respect, transparency, professionalism and especially effectiveness. 

Through continuous monitoring of the activity carried out on the site in accordance with the principles of professional quality and morality, as well as through the formation of a team of carefully selected specialists – ( Seamans Help Team – SHT), can become over time, an useful tool, performing and especially efficient for seafarers activity.

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